Episode Quotes


Guinan: "That was Setting Number One. Anyone want to see Setting Number Two?"
Data: "Sir. As my final duty as acting captain, I order you to bed. I shall do the same for all personnel."
Beverly: "For whatever reason, they seem to have turned against each other, using phasers, knives -- and bare hands."
O'Brien: "Was Tom Corbin there?"
Keiko: "What?"
O'Brien: "Tom Corbin. From the science lab. Remember him?"
Keiko: "Of course I remember him, but --"
O'Brien: "You use any excuse to pay him a visit..."
Keiko: "Miles... what are you saying?"
O'Brien: "I think you know exactly what I'm saying."
Keiko: "If I didn't know better... I'd say you're jealous."
O'Brien: "You take me for a fool?"
O'Brien: "I'm surprised at you, Gillespie... a Starfleet officer... I have more to worry about than
shades and spirits..."

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