Episode Trivia


The Enterprise is moving through the outer rim of an uncharted binary system in search of the U.S.S. Brattain, a science vessel which failed to arrive at its' destination and hasn't been heard from since its distress call 29 days ago.
The nearest Starbase is Starbase 220.
REM sleep occurs at different frequencies in Betazoids and Humans. A Cortical Scanner can maintain REM sleep.
Bussard Collectors on the Enterprise can collect hydrogen.
A phaser set to level six or seven will leave kill and leave the corpse intact.
Calendium explodes when exposed to hydrogen.
Anicium and Yurium are explosives.
Bela Tyken was a Malthusian captain who discovered the Tyken's rift phenomenon, a spatial anomaly that absorbs energy.
Guinan's gun is a "souvenir" from Magus III.
The Brattain has a standard crew complement of 34.
Keiko is in charge of the plant biology lab.
When Picard was young, his grandfather went senile to a point where he couldn't find his way home.
Deanna often uses directed dreaming techniques in counselling sessions.

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