Episode Behind the Scenes


The script was taken from a "slush" pile of spec scripts by fan writer Timothy de Haas.
The transformed aliens gave Westmore and Blackman a chance to pioneer the new optical effect using ultraviolet light.
Originally the script would link Geordi and Susanna romantically, but word came down to give Geordi a break with the "failed romances" he had stacked up.
In the first draft, Brannon Braga had a huge number of transformed aliens down on the surface, but Geordi wouldn't go through the process. It was designed more as a horror story.
The older style uniforms, phasers and tricorders could be seen in the visual log from the Victory away team five years ago.
Dennis Madalone after being in both the sciences and security divisions in previous episodes, became Transporter Chief Hedrick here, although he only wears an ensign's pip.
Two L.A. Disc Jockeys who eventually became NBC Variety show hosts filled the ultraviolet suits seen.

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