Episode Quotes


Beverly: "You are worried about Geordi, aren't you?"
Data: "I am an android. It is not possible for me... "
Beverly: "... to feel anxiety."
Data: "Starfleet personnel have vanished. Others may be at risk. We must do the best we can to find out why."
Beverly: "Hmmm"
Data: "However, I am ... strongly motivated to solve this mystery."
Susanna: "And what about you... how come you never found the right girl?"
Geordi: "I enjoy the bachelor's life too much..."
Susanna: "That doesn't sound like my "little brother" who always wanted advice on women..."
Geordi: "Well, you were obviously a great advisor..."
Susanna: "Geordi and I are the only two left."
Worf: "Sir... I am certain that we are being watched."
Geordi: "In another few minutes, I wouldn't have responded to you at all, Susanna."
Geordi: "Down there, I didn't know who you were... and yet somehow I believed you... trusted you..."
Susanna: "Must've been all the good advice I used to give you..."
Geordi: "Thank you."

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