Episode Quotes


Picard: "Vash! How did you get in here?" [Picard's quarters on the Enterprise]
Vash: "I came in through the window."
Worf: [on Vash] "Nice legs .. for a human."
Picard: "I've just been paid a visit from Q."
Riker: "Q? Any idea what he's up to?"
Picard: "He wants to do something nice for me."
Riker: "I'll alert the crew!"
Worf: "Sir, I protest. I am not a merry man!"
Sir Guy: "I'll have you know I am the greatest swordsman in all of Nottingham!"
Picard: "Very impressive. .. There's something you should know."
Sir Guy: "And what would that be?"
Picard: "I'm not from Nottingham!"
Q: "I would've died back then had it not been for you."
Picard: "We all make mistakes."
Data: "Counselor, I believe your aim is improving."

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