Episode Trivia


The Enterprise is orbiting Tagus III to serve as host of the Federation Archaeology Council's annual symposium.
Tagus III is home to some famous relics, but the native Taguans sealed off the area more than a century ago. Q claims that the Taguans "really knew how to have fun" two billion years ago.
Q threatens to turn Vash into a Klabnian eel.
Switzer, Klarc-Tarn-Droth and McFarland are all giants in the archaeology field. They have all previously given the key-note address which Picard is responsible for.
Vash claims she is "more or less" a member of the Archaeology Council.
Vash brought back some very important artefacts from Sarathong V, a planet Picard warned her against visiting (see "Captain's Holiday").
Picard and Crusher share morning tea.

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