Episode Trivia


Satie's assistant Nellen Tore comes from Delb II. Sabin Genestra is from Betazed.
The Tarkanian diplomat who carried top secret information was tracked as far as the Cruces system.
Simon Tarses comes from the Mars Colony.
Norah Satie helped uncover the alien plot in "Conspiracy".
Satie's father was a famous judge and noted libertarian.
The Enterprise was last inspected at McKinley station (see "Family").
Picard has been captain of the Enterprise for over three years, and has apparently violated the Prime Directive nine times.
Mention is made to the Romulan spy T'Pel (see "Data's Day") and Picard's Borg assimilation (see "The Best of Both Worlds").
The Battle at Wolf 359 apparently saw 39 ships destroyed with human casualties put at 11,000.
The Seventh Guarantee of the Federation Constitution ensures a person's right so silence and their innocence until proven guilty.
Chapter 4 Article 12 of the Uniform Code of Justice grants a person the right to make a statement before questioning.

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