Episode Quotes


Worf: "Mrs. Troi. I must protest your unauthorized presence on the bridge."
Lwaxana: "What does that little one do, Mr. Woof?" [Poking at the console]
Worf: "PLEASE Madam, that is a torpedo-launch initiator! .. And it is .. Worf, not Woof."
Data: "It is true that the intellectual efficiency of higher order beings does diminish proportionally with the deprivation of nutritious fuel and .."
Lwaxana: "I am suddenly... suddenly not sure of myself... and it is a feeling I am not at all used to... I don't think I like it very much, Little One..."
Troi: "Not sure of yourself?"
Lwaxana: "My life has been full. Now and then it's even overflowed a little, I'll admit. But I enjoy...living. Now I am asking myself -- is it possible that I've been wrong to encourage Timicin
to choose life?"
Troi: "You were honest with him, mother... how could you be anything else?"
Lwaxana: "Maybe I want him to live... just to keep me company."
Lwaxana: "If you boys don't eat something you're going to be sick and who's that going to help? I've made some irresistible Mantickian pate. Mister Homn will lay it out for us."
[to Timicin] "Mister Homn is my valet. He doesn't say much."
Geordi: [mutters] "How can he?"
Data: "It is true that the intellectual efficiency of high order beings does diminish proportionately when the deprivation of rest or nutritious fuel is..."
Geordi: "All right, all right; don't you start."

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