Episode Trivia


Kaelon II is a planet circling a dying sun. The planet will only be habitable for another thirty to forty years.
The Kaelons are extremely reclusive and have only just established contact with the Federation. They have been looking for ways to regenerate the sun for generations. When they reach the age of sixty, Kaelons commit suicide in the "Resolution".
Timicin believes that helium fusion enhancement could be the key to rejuvenating the Kaelon sun which is suffering from neutron migration.
It took the Federation three years to find a sun which was sufficiently similar to the Kaelon's own red giant. The star they chose, a red giant, is in the Praxillus system which is apparently lifeless.
Lwaxana knew an astronomer from Rigel IV who named a star after her.
Betazoid females used to wear huge wigs with holes in them where caged animals would sit.
Oskoids are a Betazoid delecacy.

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