Episode Trivia


Peliar Zel has two moons, classed by the inhabitants as Alpha and Beta.
The two populations on the moons of Peliar Zel are suffering from respiratory problems. They migrated from the home planet five centuries ago and have been in dispute with each other since.
The alpha moon population have found a way to tap into the energy reserves on Peliar Zel but the process is causing environmental damage on the beta moon.
First appearance of the Trill, a joined species consisting of host and symbiont. Trills cannot use transporters as they risk damaging the symbiont.
Beverly claims Wesley is the top of the academy class in exobiology but is struggling in ancient philosophies.
Beverly's first love was an 11 year old football player called Stefan. She was 8 at the time.
The first man Troi loved was her father who sang to her and kept her safe when she was young. Apparently, he left her and her mother soon after.
Metrazene is a cardiac drug used by Doctor Crusher to lower blood pressure.
The shuttle Riker and Odan use is the Hawking.

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