Episode Quotes


Data: "Joking ? Ah, 'Forced to endure Risa'. Your actual intent was to emphasize that you did enjoy yourself. Yes, I see how that can be considered quite amusing."
Governor Vagh: "You swear well, Picard. You must have Klingon blood in your veins."
Riker: "We need more than speculation, we need to know who, what, where, when and why. Soon, Mister Data... or we may be going to war."
Kell: "I will be transporting to the surface. When I return, Governor Vagh will be with me. Your Captain and I will take him to the cargo bay. I want you to kill him there, in front of many witnesses. You are to use a hand phaser. When he is dead, you are to claim that you acted on behalf of Starfleet, in support of Kriosian independence."
Geordi: "I understand."

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