Episode Guest Characters


PLAYED BY: Barbara March
SPECIES: Klingon Female

Older, more plotting sister of B'Etor who, after brother Duras' death, together headed their powerful family in pursuit of leading the Empire. She is the mastermind behind her family's fight to head the Empire.


PLAYED BY: Gwynyth Walsh
SPECIES: Klingon Female

Younger, seductive and more volatile sister of Lursa who, after brother Duras' death in 2367, headed their powerful family in pursuit of leading the Empire. Leaving their nephew Toral behind, she fled with Lursa when Gowron finally proved victorious in the civil war they'd fomented with Romulan backing in 2368.


PLAYED BY: Ben Slack
SPECIES: Klingon Male

An older Klingon statesman. Along with his associates on the Klingon High Council, K'Tal supervised the 2367 investiture of Gowron, who succeeded K'mpec after his assassination.


PLAYED BY: Nicholas Kepros
SPECIES: Romulan Male

Romulan general and co-conspirator, in 2367, supporting Lursa and B'Etor's plans to rule the Klingon High Council. Movar covertly supplied arms to the Duras forces throughout the Klingon civil war.


PLAYED BY: J.D. Cullum
SPECIES: Klingon Male

Toral very nearly became the leader of the High Council in 2367-68 when his underhanded family with Romulan help almost won a factional civil war for control of the empire and a dissolution of the UFP-Klingon alliance. The bastard son of the late Duras, Toral was fronted by Duras' sisters Lursa and B'Etor.