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Michael Piller said Joe Menosky's "Darmok" had the longest gestation period of any episode during his tenure.
Joe Menosky changed the show's focus from a complex and confusing "ant farm" to an exploration of the two commanders.
Ashley Judd, youngest sister in the singing Judd family, makes her debut as Ensign Lefler here. She gets a first name in "The Game".
The planet based scenes were shot near the Bronson Caves, an area off the canyon below the famous Hollywood sign.
Rob Legato says the glowing creature was created with a less expensive version of the Terminator 2 type melting effects. The creature was shot against a blue screen on fast video and developed on film 10 stops over the exposure.
Although the name isn't seen, the shuttlecraft Magellan debuts here. The long sought after larger shuttle's miniature matched its full scale set.
In a rare effects blooper, the Enterprise is seen firing phasers from it's forward photon torpedo launcher.

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