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Brannon Braga's first assigned on the writing staff involved polishing the game addiction idea which Susan Sackett and Fred Bronson had pitched last season. Braga describes it as "Wesley's come home and his family's out to get him."
Michael Piller described Brannon Braga's success here as "the birth of a good writer": "If you can get away with having Troi describe how to eat chocolate for thirty-five seconds so that it doesn't slow down the story, then you're doing something."
Ashley Judd was originally coming back for a third appearance later in "The First Duty", but it didn't work out.
Wesley's cadet uniform, like Haro's in "Allegiance", didn't have the new class rank pips seen in "The First Duty".
The Ktarians are mentioned again in "Birthright, Part I", "Timescape", "Liaisons", "Phantasms" and Generations. They are featured in spinoff show Voyager in the form of Naomi Wildman, albeit with a completely different appearance.
Katherine Moffat would play the lead guest star of the Bajoran widow in spinoff DS9's second season show "Necessary Evil".

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