Episode Behind the Scenes


Jeri Taylor modelled her historical fact/fiction on the writings of E. L. Doctorow.
Michael Piller on "Time's Arrow, Part II": "Anytime you deal with time you're going to have complexities that are hard to grasp, but if you really look at that closely I think we got them all nicely stitched."
According to Ron Moore, one of the ideas not picked up for this episode was that the time travel crew would have various jobs after several months, centering around a wharfside cafe run by Picard as a meeting place. A running job was supposed to involve how bad the food was.
The "Judge Williams" and "General Mallory" mentioned were both fictitious.
Jerry Hardin had never been cast as Samuel Clemens before, but became so enamored with the part that he created a one man touring show.
William Boyett played a TNG Security Officer in season one's "The Big Goodbye".
The period scenes were not shot on location, but right on the newly completed Paramount New York street back-lot.
Among the in-jokes in the street were "Okuda Laundry", "James Bank" (production designer, Richard James) and "Purser Carpentry" (scenery shop foreman, Tom Purser).
The sparks and artifacts produced by Data's invention were entirely computer generated.

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