Episode Quotes


Riker: "I just want you to know I have the utmost respect for the law." [he then punches the police officer into face]
Guinan: "Do you know me?"
Picard: "Very well."
Guinan: "Do I know you?"
Picard: "Not yet. But you will."
Guinan: "I'll see you in 500 years, Picard."
Picard: "And I'll see you in a few minutes."
Picard: "Mrs. Carmichael, my troupe is even now in rehearsals for a new production."
Mrs Carmichael: "Oh? I haven't heard of any new production. What play is it?"
Picard: "It's -- "A Midsummer Night's Dream." We've performed in London... Paris... Milan... all to sold out houses. I assure you, we'll be able to pay the rent... with a bonus."
Mrs Carmichael: "No, no, no... I've heard you silver-tongued devils before... I'll have the rent in full... tomorrow... by one o'clock -- or you'll be performing on the street."
Clemens: "Any place that doesn't stock a good cigar doesn't rank high in my book."
Troi: "If you must have one, I'm sure we could replicate it for you."
Clemens: "You think one of those -- imitations -- could take the place of a hand-wrapped Havana?"
Troi: "I wouldn't know..."
Clemens: "That's the problem I see here... all this technology... it only serves to take away life's simple pleasures. You don't even let a man open a door for a lady."
Troi: "I think what we've gained outweighs anything that might have been lost..."
Clemens: "I'm not so impressed with this future... huge starships... weapons that can no doubt destroy entire cities... military conquest as a way of life."
Troi: "Is that what you see here?"
Clemens: "Oh, I know what you say... this is a vessel of exploration... your mission is to, discover new worlds..."
Troi: "Deck thirty-six."
Clemens: "That's what the Spanish said... and the Dutch, and the Portuguese. It's what all conquerors say... I'm sure it's what you told that blue skinned fellow I just saw... before you brought him here to serve you."
Troi: "He's one of thousands of species we've encountered. We live in a peaceful Federation with many of them... the people you see are here by choice."

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